Reports on the Mississauga Conference

March 27, 2011

On 24-26 March, Archbishop Collins hosted a national conference on Anglicanorum Coetibus in Canada, which took place at Our Lady of Angels Renewal Centre in Mississauga.  Reports on the conference can be found at:

The Anglo-Catholic


One important detail is that Archbishop Collins has established 31 May as the date for an initial count of people interested in entering the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate, so that he can report to the Holy See and request the establishment of a Canadian Ordinariate.  But for those who want to take more time in discernment, there is no deadline: the doors are always open.  As Peregrinations puts it,

“In the Fall, the first wave of groups will begin final preparation for reception.  Other groups and individuals will follow when they are ready.  It was emphasized that there is no ‘sell before date’, so the offer for entry into full communion will remain open indefinitely.  As one delegate put it, this constitution, the highest level of law in the Church, is for the ages.”

Anglicans (and former Anglicans, now Roman Catholic) in Toronto attended the Conference.  Our contact list is growing, and we will announce soon the place and time we will invite people to join us for Sunday fellowship, discussion, and Evening Prayer.


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