Mentor Priest to Visit on 29 May

May 21, 2011

Archbishop Collins has appointed “mentor priests” to work with the Anglican groups interested in entering into communion with the Catholic Church.  Accross the country, these priests have been visiting these communities, getting to know them, responding to questions, and guiding them through the process.

Fr Bill Foote is the mentor priest for groups in Ontario, and he will visit the Toronto group on Sunday, 29 May, during our regular 2-4 pm meeting at the Newman Centre.  Fr Foote is a former Anglican, is married, and the pastor of a Catholic parish in Cambridge, ON.  He attended the Mississauga Conference in March and has had the opportunity to meet several members of the Toronto group already.  He has been following the progress of our gatherings, and is very much looking forward to visiting us.

Fr Foote’s visit shows us that we are not alone in our journey, but that the shepherds of the Catholic Church wish to provide guidance and encouragement.  We welcome Fr Foote to our group, and hope that many others can join us on this occasion.


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