July 10, 2011

The Toronto group has had its last meeting before summer break.  We expect to resume gatherings in the fall, when (as suggested by Fr Foote and confirmed more recently by Archbishop Collins) we will likely begin a program of preparation for reception into the Catholic Church.

As we enter the season of vacations, let us recall the words of the Holy Father while on holiday at Les Combes in 2005:

In the world in which we live, the need to be physically and mentally replenished has become as it were essential, especially to those who dwell in cities where the often frenzied pace of life leaves little room for silence, reflection and relaxing contact with nature. Moreover, holidays are days on which we can give even more time to prayer, reading and meditation on the profound meaning of life in the peaceful context of our own family and loved ones.

May the Lord bless us and grant us the opportunity in the days ahead to find spiritual refreshment and the means to discern his holy will in each of our lives.


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