Catechesis begins

August 31, 2011

The Anglican Ordinariate Group of Toronto will resume meetings on Sundays 2-4 pm at the Newman Centre (89 St George Street ), starting Sunday 11 September.  As before, we will begin with Evening Prayer in the chapel.

This time we will be engaged in a process of catechetical instruction, likely using the Evangelium program, to prepare members of the group for reception into the Catholic Church.  Fr Eric Rodrigues will lead us in these sessions.

As stated in an earlier post, this catechesis may accommodate people who aren’t yet sure of their decision.  To enter a program of preparation does not imply an obligation to be received!  At least initially, then, anyone is welcome who wishes to ask questions about the process, or join catechesis in order to explore the Catholic faith and discern whether God is calling them to enter the Church through the Ordinariate.

Also welcome, of course, are those members of our group who are already Catholic. We are one community. Both Anglicans and former Anglicans have already contributed much to our common fellowship. God willing, we will come to form form one parish community. Following the Evangelium program is an opportunity for us all to continue to benefit from one another’s encouragement and presence.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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