Anglican Use Mass in Cambridge, ON

February 8, 2012

This coming Sunday, the 12th of February, members of the Toronto Anglican Use Group will be travelling out to Cambridge, Ontario, to join with the Sodality of St Edmund, King and Martyr, for their regular Mass according to the Anglican Use. We will therefore not be having our regular meeting at the Newman Centre this Sunday.

The service (Sung Eucharist) will be at 1pm at St Patrick’s Church, 53 Wellington St, Cambridge, and will be followed by a coffee hour in their parish hall. The Sodality of St Edmund, King and Martyr, is the second group in Canada to begin celebrating the Anglican Use regularly and belongs to the Diocese of Hamilton.

As for our own group in Toronto, we have just received confirmation that Archbishop Collins will be authorizing some of his own priests to celebrate the Anglican Use Mass for us on a weekly basis beginning in the near future. As those plans are finalized we’ll be sure to keep everyone informed.

In the meantime, we’re very much looking forward to seeing our fellow future ordinariate members again at St Edmund’s (their website is at and we hope you can join us. The first AU parish in Canada, St John the Evangelist in Calgary, has a new website too, at, and it will encourage everyone to know that since they were received into the Catholic Church at the end of Advent their regular Sunday Mass attendance has already begun increasing.


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