A Glorious Sung Mass

May 10, 2012

Thanks be to God!  The Toronto Anglican Use Sodality’s first mass was a great liturgical success.  Almost sixty people joined to sing psalms, hymns and other praises to God, with the help of a powerful choir.  Fr. Eric Rodrigues preached a thoughtful and inspiring sermon on the importance of liturgy, and especially how Pope Benedict XVI sees a liturgy united over time as an essential part of the Church’s response to the present ‘profound crisis of faith’.  Those attending included an even mix of young adults, older adults, and families in between, and almost everyone stayed afterwards to enjoy refreshments and visiting.  (Peregrinus has also posted some comments on this mass.)

Masses will continue Sundays at 1:45 at Sacré-Coeur church, 381 Sherbourne St.  Remember that there is free parking, a children’s catechesis for part of the service, and coffee hour afterward.  Spread the word!


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