Anglican Use Choral Mass – June 10

June 8, 2012

This Sunday, the regular weekly Mass of the Toronto Anglican Use Sodality will once again be a Choral Eucharist (our weekly service is usually a Sung Eucharist). There will be a professional choral ensemble to lead the congregation in the music of the sacred liturgy, which will feature Healey Willan’s Missa Brevis I and Durufle’s Tantum Ergo, as well as the usual complement of Anglican hymns and English plainsong.

There will be free parking at the Green P parking lot just north of the church on the east side of Sherbourne St (it’s about four doors north of the church). This is a special arrangement for this Sunday only. Because this weekend is also a special anniversary for Sacré-Coeur parish, the parish parking lot is going to be in use for the afternoon, so the Green P lot has been reserved for our use this Sunday afternoon.

As usual, Mass is at 1:45pm at Sacré-Coeur (the Church of the Sacred Heart) at 381 Sherbourne St in downtown Toronto. There is a children’s program downstairs during part of the service, and afterwards we have been invited to join the Sacre Coeur parishioners outside for their BBQ.

As always, our Masses fulfill the Sunday obligation for all Catholics, regardless of whether or not they are of an Anglican background. Everyone is welcome to attend and we hope to see you there.

Please bring your family and friends and spread the word!


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